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About Triple Cross AussiesTriple Cross Aussies is located in the beautiful state of Texas, in the town of Granbury. Our dogs and puppies have a spacious thirteen acres to enjoy. We are dedicated to raising miniature and toy Aussies with outstanding temperaments. Our goal is to provide your family with a healthy new family member that will bring you joy for many years to come.


We have been raising Aussies since 2004, and have many years’ experience in breeding and raising dogs. We only pair dogs together for future litters, that pass our rigorous standards in health, temperament, and breed type. Our goal is to provide you a stunning dog with excellent health and temperament.  Here at Triple Cross Aussies, our puppies are lovingly handled and socialized from birth. We believe that the perfect family dog, starts with the work done by the breeder early on in life. Once puppies’ eyes and ears are opened, they are exposed to many sounds, sights, and smells from very young. At this time, they also begin litter box training, which facilitates the process of house training. Puppies are also introduced to a variety of other pets as well. We are diligent in providing each puppy with the fundamental basics early on in life, so that they develop into a confident, well-adjusted dog. All of our puppies are family-raised and are lovingly cared for by our family until it is time for them to go to their new homes.

We provide a lifetime of breeder support, and are always here to answer questions for each family that welcomes a Triple Cross Aussie into their own families. 


About Triple Cross Aussies


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