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Aussies are typically referred to as one of the Einsteins of the dog world. They are extremely intelligent. Paired with the desire to please, they have outstanding trainability. This makes them very popular in dog sporting events, obedience trials, service and therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, and of course family companions. They get along very well with children and other pets and are all around good natured. They are an affectionate breed, and prefer to be with you when out and about, not off “doing their own thing”.


We focus on Aussies that range in size from 12”-17”.  Dogs that reach the height of 14” or under are considered toys. Aussies that are over 14” up to 18” are considered miniatures. Anything larger is considered a standard sized Aussie. Our toys generally range in weight from 12-15 lbs., and our miniatures generally range from 20-35 lbs.


Aussies are typically medium to high drive. We have focused on lines and temperaments that produce mostly medium drive dogs. These dogs make excellent family companions. They are happy to go boating, hiking, running, etc. with you. They also enjoy trips to the store or ball game. As long as they are given daily attention and some moderate exercise (even getting to run around in the backyard), they typically do well in almost any living situation. Aussies love to play, but are also just as content to sit by your feet.

 About Our Aussies  About Our Aussies  About Our Aussies  About Our Aussies
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