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Can I visit your facility and meet your dogs and puppies before placing a deposit or picking my new puppy?

Our "facility" is our home. All of our puppies are raised here and are cared for by our family. We are not open to the public, as a pet store would be. We currently only allow visits from those on our waiting list who have placed a deposit, or are committed to placing a deposit when they visit that day. It is important to limit young puppies’ exposure to disease that could be unintentionally brought in by visitors. They are like human newborn babies, in that it is best to limit handling to a small number of individuals.  We want to do everything we can to ensure that all of our puppies go home healthy. We are happy to answer any questions you may have prior to placing a deposit. We have many testimonials and references, including that of our veterinarian who has been our veterinarian since 2004.

How does your waiting list work?

Please click here for our waiting list policy.

What is the best way to contact you?

We recommend that you contact us by text message or phone call, which typically receives the quickest response. You may also email us if that is more convenient for you. All of our contact information is on the homepage of our website.

When can my puppy come home?

Typically, puppies are ready to go home at eight weeks of age.

Do Aussies Shed?

Aussies are average shedders. Keep in mind that shedding can be greatly reduced by following a few simple steps. Keep your new family member on a quality diet. Be sure that they are dewormed and brushed regularly. Following these simple steps will reduce shedding in any breed.

What colors do Aussies come in?

Registries only recognize four colors. Blue merle, red merle, black, and red. All four can have copper and/or white trim.  For example, a black dog with copper and white trim is considered a black tri. Aussies are very unique in that they can have a wide array of eye color, much like humans do. Blue, brown, hazel, amber, and green are all commonly seen eye colors in Aussies.

Can you guarantee eye color?

No, we cannot. We have been raising Aussies since 2004 and we have seen eye color change even after eight weeks of age. A breeder should not be willing to guarantee eye color unless the puppy is at least twelve weeks old. Typically, by six weeks we have a good indication what each puppy will have for eye color, but no guarantee can be given.

Will my puppy be potty trained when I pick him/her up?

It is almost impossible for an eight week old puppy, to be completely potty trained. Potty training is a process that does not happen over that short of a period of time. We do, however, start litter box training here which helps tremendously with transitioning into crate training.

Will my puppy have age appropriate vaccinations?

Yes. All puppies are given a NeoPar shot at four weeks, and a five way series at six weeks. If they are still here at nine weeks, they will be given another five way series. They are also dewormed every two weeks starting at two weeks of age. They are also started on flea and tick prevention here as well. We will give you your puppy’s health records to take to your first vet visit.

Please review Pricing, About, and Polices for more information.

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