Triple Cross Aussies - Texas

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If you are interested in bringing home a puppy in 2024-2025, please submit the application and we will be in touch!

Puppies change rapidly during the first few months of life.  They are born with eyes and ears completely closed.  At two weeks of age they begin to open.  Puppies are also born with pink, or mostly pink noses.  As puppies age, pigment begins to fill in. The puppies skull shape begins changing, and haircoat gets longer. Pictures of available puppies are updated frequently and are typically a good representation of what each puppy currently looks like. All puppies come microchipped ($50 at most vet clinics) and with a health exam from our vet. All puppies will be microchipped at 6 wks of age.  If you elect not to have your puppy microchipped, please notify us in writing before the puppy is six weeks of age.

All puppies are priced on a spay/neuter basis.  What this means is that you are agreeing to the spay/neuter contract that is posted on our website. We do occasionally release breeding rites to approved show/breeding homes. 

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