Triple Cross Aussies - Texas

"Our sweet Jessie from triple cross is turning 10 this week. And I just want to thank for the most wonderful decade so far with her. You sent her to us in Colorado, and now she’s a north Carolina dog. She has been nicknamed the ultimate dog by our neighbors. She is loyal, super active, smart, nurturing and playful. She still jumps high in the air to acrobatically catch toys. She’s such an amazing companion. I believe she’s the daughter of Caspian and reina (?). Thank you so much for Jessie! She’s absolutely the best!"


"I just thought I'd let you know that a Triple Cross puppy just turned 100 years old (in dog years.) Chocolate Milkshake Lowery is a red-tri male born to Rope and Rainey on Feb 19, 2006. He is thriving and healthy and the star of our family for the past 14 years. I'd be happy to send you photos to use for your testimonials. If anyone has questions about the health, longevity, vitality, personality, intelligence, gentleness or overall beauty of your pups -- send them our way. Our entire neighborhood loves this dog. My teenage sons, 13&17, have no memory of life without Chocolate. He is the greatest, sweetest dog ever. We pray he stays with us for as long as possible. Thank you to Rope, Rainey and your entire Aussie family for giving us our best friend."


"I brought home my Bear at 14 weeks in July 2018.  He is a black tri from Sapphire and River.  He is 6 months old now and roughly 15 lbs.   From the beginning of my search Triple Cross Aussies communication was prompt and thorough!  Bear is the smartest dog I’ve ever owned.  He quickly learned his commands and was the star of his puppy class!  He has an awesome personality and loves to run and play at the dog park and enjoys walks and hikes daily.  I would recommend Triple Cross Aussies for anyone looking for a loving and active dog!!"


I just wanted to tell you how much we LOVE Maddie, our new little Aussie!  She and our other cowdog, Molly, have become fast friends.  She is such a great dog--sweet, calm, and full of personality.  We have had so many people tell us how pretty she is and asked where we got her.  We have highly recommended you all.  Thanks again for everything and we will probably be in touch in a year or so for another puppy--we have promised our son when he graduates we will get him one too! :)  Blessings to your family!


I can't begin thank you enough for our new pup Lucy. She is everything we could have hoped for and then some. Beautiful, healthy, and smart as a whip!


Indy Update!

11 months old and he's the most beautiful dog!  He is so smart.   (too smart sometimes).He and our blue heeler were in our new back yard.....probably 2/3 acre fenced for them.   We are in the driveway on the other side of the house. Indy opened the door between the backyard and the house and then the door from the house to the garage and joined us on the driveway.    We have to lock ourselves out of the house to be sure he doesn't get out unexpectedly.    If he would just close the doors behind himself I would be happier.  Ha! How can we complain when he just wants to be with us!  LOL!
Thanks for the wonderful puppy! We love love love him!


I want to thank you for breeding a wonderful dog. Everywhere we go with Norman, people want to take him home. Norman just melts when anyone comes over to pet him. He is a joy to have in our family, I couldn’t imagine coming home from work and not getting smothered by kisses.


I called Julie to inquire about a puppy and she was awesome to deal with from start to finish. King was bought for my 7 yr old son as a surprise as he had asked for a pet of his own and he has taken to King like a little brother. He was ecstatic when he first saw him and they play together every day. King is smart, loving, and protective as far as we can tell so far and we like that. He meshed very well with our other 3 dogs and loves being around our show animals (pigs and lambs). He is always wanting to be with the other animals and almost helps out haha. He helps my wife and daughter feed and work animals every day in the barn. He is still learning a lot but he knows all of his basic commands already and is a joy to have around. If you are looking for a great dog and great breeder to buy from look no further than Triple Cross Aussies!


Russell is just as wonderful as the day we day brought him home. We thank God every day for this little creature--he has brought (and continues to bring!) so much joy and happiness to our lives. Yes, he can still stop traffic with those beautiful blue eyes!

Russell still enjoys running with me a few times a week, and gets to practice his sheep herding skills every now and then at our friends' farm. He's a natural!

- Jo, Don, and Russell

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